Player Q & A - Matt Armstrong

Name: Matt Armstrong

Nickname: Roids (strong and a pain in the arse).

Position: Wing, centre or hooker

Previous Clubs: Esher RFC, University of Surrey 1st XV, Surrey U/18

Favourite Food: Curry

Favourite Movie: Shawshank Redemption

Favourite Music: Rap - Biggie Smalls, Dre, Snoop, Eminem.

Best/Funniest moment in rugby/playing for Woking?: 2014/15 Season Cup Match against Watford: Seeing our cannon ball of a prop, Colin Pearce chase the opposition well into our own dead ball line for a guaranteed try. The opposition dived for the try, Colin defeated the rules of Physics by doing a perfect somersault without changing height in the slightest. That scene will always make me smile is forever imprinted in my mind.

Best person to room with on tour?: Two selections: 1) Dan Hills because he spends so much time texting his wife, you know he has no time to think about pranking you. 2) Rory Blundell: you'll never need a drinking partner again.

Worst person to room with on tour?: Shaun Gilbert because of nakedness and it's Shaun.

Advice to anyone joining WRFC?: The club has an incredible team atmosphere. Talent goes from experienced county players to compete first timers, there's a place for everyone's. Quite often, once the first timers get to grips with the game, they often become key members of our committee and club - a credit to how much we develop talent at all levels. Come down, have a beer, you won't regret it. Unless your in Shaun Gilbert's room on tour...