Player Q & A - Mike Aitchison

Name: Mike Aitchison

Nickname: Aitch

Position: Fly-Half or supporter....It depends if I'm broken.

Previous Clubs: Lancaster RGS, Preston Grasshoppers RUFC, Huddersfield RUFC, Huddersfield University RUFC, Fleetwood RUFC.

Favourite Food: Spaghetti Carbonara

Favourite Movie: Robin Hood (The original Disney version)

Favourite Music: John Mayer

Best moment in rugby/playing for Woking?: The last game of the 2014/15 season, playing away at Reigate, who were enjoying what I thought was a big promotion party. The clubhouse was packed full of old Reigate players, all suited, booted and on the beers. It was a magnificent day for free flowing, expansive rugby, but we had uncharacteristically slow wingers and a very solid pack, and so opted to spoil the expansive rugby at any opportunity. Reigate took an early lead with a couple of well worked tries, but our lads gradually sapped the energy out of their promotion winning side and slowed the game right down. Justin Dougherty slotted some fantastic penalties to keep us within sight of Reigate's score, and Reigate's frustration grew along with the gradual quietening of the mass of Reigate support.
We lost Matt Armstrong (uncharacteristically) at about 60 minutes; after a great break he was dragged down from behind and lost most of the skin on his knees on the hard ground. I can't remember who came on, but it wasn't Gareth Nearn... Another couple of penalties from Justin and we were back in the oppo 22 with the last play of the game, 4 points behind.
The big lads turned a scrum and gained the put in, before absolutely obliterating the Reigate scrum to push us over the try line and win the game. The disgust on the Reigate supporters face was phenomenal. Oh, we celebrated hard. Like kings. Gareth Nearn was a little put out by his lack of appearance, but a large semi-naked group hug soon sorted him out. I then proceeded to do a length of the pitch streak, dismaying the "celebrating" Reigate support even further, before we all bundled into their bar to revel in our day's victory and reminisce what could have been if we'd played like that all season. We sang, we drank beer, we completely ruined the Reigate promotion celebrations.
As we left, we were kindly thanked by a Reigate senior member, for spoiling the wake of one of their most respected players.....

Funniest moment in rugby/playing for Woking?: There are a lot of contenders, but Matthew Brennan sprinting is right up there...

Best person to room with on tour?: Ian Vousdan - a true gent.

Worst person to room with on tour?: Well, Tom Smith, obviously.

Advice to anyone joining WRFC?: Bring your wallet, most of us are too stingy to buy you a beer. We say we're the friendliest club in Surrey, but really that's only if you're any good at rugby.... Other than that, get involved. It's a great club with a hugely diverse membership. All will make you feel welcome. Most will actually buy you a beer, and all will regale you with stories of glory days gone by, and the exciting prospect of the coming seasons.