Training takes place on Tuesday and Thursday during the year running from the beginning of June through to the end of April. Please refer to the front page for confirmation of when pre-season starts. Our training ethic at Woking is continual Development and Improvement. Improvement in Fitness, Skill levels and mental & spatial Awareness. We do not forget the fun side of rugby though and ensure the sessions are well structured, varied and stimulating.

Tuesday night tends to be focussed on Fitness and Team development. Using drills and games the squad then runs through game situations. Thursday tends to be more focussed on Individual skills with the sessions being player driven rather than coach driven with the coaches using their knowledge to help each and every individual player. However don’t think you’ll miss the fitness by turning up on Thursday – we do vary it depending on what is required that week!!

Our coaching team is led by Pete D'Cruz and includes specialist support from Srini Srinivasan and
Gareth Edwards.