Woking Drew out a Hard Fought Match in a 19 a piece match against Haslemere

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First XV
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Woking started well from the kick off. Strong forward play and line breaks by Adam Smith, Mike Aitchison and Thomas Pedrona soon had Woking in the Haslemere 22 putting them under immense pressure. With the ball shipped out to the backs, little chip kicks over the Haslemere defensive line into the in goal area were defended well and Woking were unable to capitalise with these tactics.

From the 22 drop out Woking again applied pressure. Strong tacking and domination in the scrums soon reaped rewards as Haslemere were penalised for infringements in the ruck and a penalty awarded in front of the posts. Unfortunately the kick was missed. At the next phase of play Woking No.10 Aitchison who was trapped in the ruck was incensed by some illegal work and in the melee that ensued the referee saw fit to show him a red card for his efforts and Woking were down to 14 men.

Using this to their advantage Haslemere then took the upper hand and only aggressive defensive work kept them at bay. Strong phase play by their forwards stretched the Woking defence and finally put them over the try line for what seemed a certain try but for the body of Matt Childs which somehow ended up under the ball and the ref ruled held up for a 5 metre scrum.

Haslemere were strong in the ruck area stretching the laws of the game to their limits and Woking time and time again failed to secure what should have been simple second phase ball. After one such breakdown deep in the Woking 22, the Haslemere number 8 drove through the centre of the ruck, picked up an easy ball and powered over the Woking try line to open the scoring.

Woking’s second half game plan was to keep the ball more in the forwards, close out the rucks and try setting up a few driving mauls as a platform for the backs and this they executed with some success. After strong runs into the Haslemere 22 by Phil Roberetson and Adam Smith the ball was shipped out to the backs through the hands of Neil Murphy & Dan Edwards who made further inroads towards the Haslemere try line before a breaking run by Thomas put him over in the corner to score.

Haslemere hit back with strong runs themselves stretching the Woking defence. Woking regrouped but Haslemere broke through the two on two marking from the back of a ruck and skirted down the touchline to go over for a try despite a gallant last ditched effort to prevent the grounding from Thomas Pedrona. This time the referee ruled in favour of Haslemere.

Adam Smith caught the ball from the Woking restart and broke through the Haslemere tackles before popping off to Dan Hills running down the right touchline into the Haslemere 22. Unfortunately the support runners were slightly behind and Dan was tackled into touch before being able to offload. Play backtracked into the Woking half where a rolling maul was set up by the home side. With some great skill and powerful mauling by the forwards, Woking trundled down the pitch deep into the Haslemere half with the defenders barely hanging on but in fairness resisting the temptation to collapse.

Heartened by the success of this gameplay Woking again set up a driving maul from a lineout in the Haslemere half but this time were able to convert play to points powering over the try line for a score claimed by Matt Edwards. Brother Dan successfully converted this try to bring the scores level and the game ended shortly afterwards with a hard fought draw.