Woking RFC I v Watford I RFC

Match Date: 
Woking Team: 
First XV
Opponent Team: 
Watford I


Woking Score: 
Opponent Score: 

Woking were slow out of the starter blocks on Saturday in this friendly encounter and were stunned to concede an early converted try. Waking up Woking scored three tries in fairly quick succession mid-way through the half.

Firstly Matt Boorman was able to touch down. Callum Wogan at 10 broke through the middle and made a significant amount of ground. The ball went right and Woking secured a lineout as the ball was bundled into touch. It then got switched left through the hands, where Boorman went over the line halfway towards the corner. Dan Edwards sliced the conversion wide.
Tom Eker limped off with an injury and Danny Rose joined the affray as a substitute.

Neil Murphy try 12-7. Neil looked as if he was going to stop and offload, then a sudden burst of pace surprised everyone (including himself I think!). He beat their winger and shrugged off their full-back, got to the try line fairly wide out then ran inwards before touching down to make the conversion easier. Dan Edwards added the extras.

Adam Smith try 19-7. Woking turned Watford over and Adam Smith charged through the middle of the supported by other Woking forwards and the Watford defence scattered. Smith thumped down under the posts for an easy conversion which Dan Edwards slotted over.
Woking largely in the ascendency as the half ended, but couldn't add any more to the score. On at least one occasion the ball was held-up on the line amid last-ditch defending. That said, for me the big negative was the way our scrum was driven backwards/around most of the time. It looked a scrabble to get the ball out before losing it.

Half-time 19-7

Second half, another early Watford try 19-12. Scored right in the corner, so it would have been a difficult kick. Neil Murphy managed to charge down the conversion, but got winded by the ball being kicked into his midriff at point-blank range. There was a fairly lengthy stoppage as a result.
The tide then turned and it was all Watford for 15 minutes.

Ten minutes to go, Watford try 19-19
Five minutes to go, Watford try 19-26
Both scored under the posts. There were too many tired bodies and missed tackles at the end from Woking which led to this.

Woking spent the final few minutes bashing away at the Watford try line but couldn't break through. Watford defended very firmly (and were forced to give away a fair few penalties doing so) at the death.

As a club Woking showed their true colours by providing 7 players to the Watford 2s who were only able to muster 8 players to travel to Woking. In so doing Woking helped Watford secure a narrow victory in the last minutes of that game. Extraordinary!