Haslemere v Woking

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Woking travelled to Haslemere having beaten league leaders Old Haileyburians the week before. Spirits should have been high, but mid-week losses of Steve Rhodes, Adam Smith, and Dan Hills threatened to disrupt Woking once again as they continue to have poor luck with availability. Matt Childs, George Sayer and Ross Cahalane were on hand to step into the fray and take up the continuing charge for the top spots by Woking Rugby Club.

The game plan was simple. Attack. With three outstanding defensive back row players missing there were bound to be holes in the Woking defence, despite the efforts of all to cover. And so Woking set off at a rate of knots, bulldozing forwards at every opportunity with big Callum “the plough” Wogan clearing 4 lanes of free traffic to the try line on a number of occasions. Matt Childs was in fine form on his debut for the season, controlling the ever dominant Woking scrum from the back as he touched down for the first try of the game. Shortly after, another great piece of control from Childs provided a fantastic platform for Mark Rose to drift off his defender and place Gareth Nearn over for a very well executed try straight off the training pitch.

The floodgates opened, and Woking ran in a further 3 tries, with the whole team playing a great offloading game to keep the ball alive. Haslemere answered with a well taken long range penalty kick, but the damage had really been done. The back 2 pairing of Murphy and Nearn were sizzling down the wings, being put in acres of space by some great distribution from Rose and Dougherty.

Haslemere did mount a comeback attempt in the last 2 minutes of the 2nd half, and were halted short of the line only by great covering defence from George Sayer at no.7, though deemed illegal and sent from the pitch for 10 minutes. The opening 10 minutes of the 2nd half showed how much work Sayer had put in defence as Haslemere began to find gaps on the counter attack and ran in an unanswered 3 tries in 10 minutes, showing that they have attacking prowess to be proud of.

Ultimately, when back to full strength, Woking had the edge, and returned to the all out attack. Gareth Near bagged himself a hatrick after a sublime cross field kick from Rose, and Sayer got himself on the score sheet after another fantastic piece of interplay from props Bremner and Hamilton-Wilkes. The game closed at 56-23 to Woking, with comment from coach Pete D’Cruz, “We went all out attack to secure a bonus point win, and executed this well. Clearly there were issue in defence today but that is to be expected. Today is another success for the club as it shows the strength and depth we have available to us at the moment. Hopefully we can carry this momentum through to the New Year and add to it with the return of some of our injured players!”

Man of the Match - Gareth Nearn

Matt Childs – try – 5mins
Gareth Nearn – try – 10mins
Mark Rose – conversion – 11mins
HASLEMERE – penalty – 15mins
Rory Blundell – try – 17mins
Mark Rose – conversion – 18mins
Gareth Nearn – try – 20mins
Neil Murphy – try – 27mins
HASLEMERE – try – 42
HASLEMERE – try – 46
HASLEMERE – try – 48
Neil Murphy – try – 51
Callum Wogan – try – 56
Mark Rose – conversion – 57
HASLEMERE – try – 60
Rory Blundell – try – 65
George Sayer – try – 72
Gareth Nearn – try – 80