So close yet so far for Woking in Cup thriller

Match Date: 
Woking Team: 
First XV
Opponent Team: 
Ellingham & Ringwood


Woking Score: 
Opponent Score: 

A tough game and a tale of two halves for the 2nd round cup game at Byfleet Rec.

Woking had set out a strict game plan to work towards and felt confident for the match ahead.
A disciplined start by Woking showed the visitors that this would not be an easy fixture. Early forward control by Woking was the game plan. The forwards continuously rumbled up, doing the work set out by the coaching team, however an early penalty gave the visitors a 3-0 lead.

With the visitors spirts high it allowed a phase of dominance by Ellingham. They controlled the ball and shipped it wide with pace allowing them to score and take charge.
Missed tackles missed made it an easy start for Ellingham’s fast and nimble backs.

Woking refocused and a superb solo run saw Seb Murphy leave his wing, running with blistering pace and determination and crash over the line under the posts. Woking were back in this.

Half time score:
Woking 7 – 23 Ellingham & Ringwood

Half time break - and after a draining first 40 the valiant Woking team drew breath into their lungs and set off to battle back.
It was now Woking’s turn to pile on the pressure.
Try’s from Dan Hills, another from the winger Seb Murphy, Rory Blundell and first try for the club Lee Abi Haydar saw Woking come back from the brink. A magnificent conversion from Pete D’Cruz from the far left touchline saw Woking take a 1 point lead.
Last 3 minutes of the game. Woking are under further pressure in their 22.
A call from Dan Hills to ship the ball to the blind side saw a horrendously slow and low pass from the Woking scrum half – knock on by the number 8.

Scrum to Ellingham – they shipped the ball seamlessly to their backs and the visitors full back skated his way through several missed tackles to score at the death.

A tough day for Woking which started poorly but lead onto a courageous comeback and should have been a well-deserved win.

Full time score:
Woking 29 – 33 Ellingham & Ringwood.

Scorers: Seb Murphy (2), Rory Blundell, Lee Abi Haydar, Dan Hills
Conversions: Callum Wogan, Pete D'Cruz

Simon Power, Rory Blundell, Ben Bremner, Lee Abi Haydar, Jon Hursthouse, Josh Parker, Steve Rhodes, Dan Hills, James Bannister, Callum Wogan, Tom Smith, Adam Hawkins, Tommy Roberts, Seb Murphy, James Plowright, Ross Cahalane, David Garvey, John Stedman, Shane Connaughton, Pete D'Cruz