Woking Rugby Force 2018/19

Woking Rugby Force 2018/19 is here

Please meet at the clubhouse at 10am tomorrow (Saturday 23rd June) to kick-off the weekend. There is much to do at the clubhouse, and at the recreation ground over Saturday and Sunday to spruce up our facilities as we look to recruit and develop the club. Sunday we will meet at 11am at the clubhouse to finish off.

Please bring an old tooth brush with you – all will be revealed!! Rugby Force T-shirts will be provided. Where possible please bring painting and decorating brushes and scrapers that you have spare at home and gardening equipment, spade, rakes etc.

We are able to use the club BBQ in the evening.

The plan will be that we get the work done in advance of the rugby at 4pm on Saturday and those that want to can watch the football at 1pm on Sunday.

This weekend is part of our club development, commitment to our accreditation and an opportunity to promote the club – leaflets and fliers are available for distribution.

Jump aboard!!

Woking RFC Committee