Saturday News and Social/Tour Update

2 games this Saturday

1's Home v Old Paulines
2p.m KO
12:00 Meet Camphill
12:30 Meet Rec

1. Alisdair Hamilton-Wilkes
2. Mícheál Ó Séaghdha
3. Lee Abi Haydar
4. Jon Hursthouse
5. Matthew Brennan
6. Ryan Snape
7. Dan Campioni-Norman
8. Dan Hills
9. Ross O'Cathaláin
10. Aitch
11. Adam Hawkins
12. Matt Boorman
13. Gareth Nearn
14. Tom Smith
15. Harry Jarman
16. John Neil Dickie

2's Away v Sutton & Epsom 5ths
2p.m KO
12:00 Meet Camphill
13:00 Meet S&E

Team from
Colin Pearce
Simon Power
Martin Anthony Phillips
Lee Bell
Josh Day
Anselm Lally
Joe Wolf Wright
Daniel Collins
Mo Saqib Sher
Gary Flash Freeman
Oliver Leslie
Evan Marchant
Kieran Lambert

We could still do with a few more so if you can make yourself available, please let Ross know on 07737 952111

Pub golf is on 9th February kindly organised by Matt Armstrong. A change of scenery for those who only ever go to Camphill. Get your name down now and let the Mrs know your 'out out' that night.

Golf attire (or similar) required!
Prizes for winners, punishments for losers. Simples!

We have made good progress on tour thanks to the efforts of Neal Otter. However we need a deposit of at least £50 asap. If you can't pay in one go, payment plans can be arranged with the committee. Make sure you sign up this weekend.

Venue: Bristol
Dates: Friday 10th May (departing Camphill 6p.m), returning Sunday 12th May.
Cost: £215 (Max). This may go down subject to numbers signing up. Includes coach travel, accomodation and breakfast.
Games: 1 game.

See you all Saturday!