Welcome to Woking Rugby Club

If you are looking to get back into rugby and play rugby for fun in Surrey then Woking Rugby Club is for you. It’s never too late to play rugby again. We offer a good standard of rugby for those that may have played rugby before and are returning to play rugby or those who are perhaps looking to play rugby at a social level – you have found the right club at Woking Rugby Club.

We are very family orientated rugby club in Surrey, with lots of family activities and functions. We have an active social calendar including BBQs, annual dinner dance, bowls evenings, topical walks, children’s days and live music at the clubhouse each month.

We have 2 fine pitches and floodlit training facilities with a wonderful clubhouse too. We have a strategy of inclusiveness, openness and are welcome to all new comers be they players or volunteers and supporters. We welcome new rugby players in Surrey, returning rugby in Surrey or those looking to play rugby for fun at a competitive, inclusive level.

We realise that the pressures of life mean that you cannot attend every training session but you will get your games if your circumstances are communicated to the coaches and captains.

Rugby helps you keep fit, make friends for life and develop as a person. Join up now, get involved. Welcome (back) to rugby. Your local club needs you and you need rugby.