Woking RFC 79 vs Croydon RFC 17

Saturday at the Byfleet rec was a grey day, with internationals keeping spectators and players away it was a quiet but determined start for both sides of 15 men without substitutes.

A similar start to the season's earlier fixture between Croydon and Woking ensued with both teams carrying the ball hard into contact in a tight attritional game.

After 10 minutes of grind in the middle of the pitch the Woking nine (Matt Ralph) fired a long pass to find Mark Rose at flyhalf and with one more long relay into the hands of Keihlan Watson, Croydon's vulnerability was revealed; without anyone with the pace to match the Woking's Fullback a quick try was scored and converted (7-0).

A quick repeat from the restart resulted in Woking 12-0. 

Croydon now realised they had to keep the ball in hand and they ground Woking down to their try line with short runs and keeping the ball close. After sustained pressure Woking leaked from a 5 metre scrum (12-7). 

With injuries on both sides, each team was down to 14 men, which, although keeping the numbers even, increased the space for Woking’s backline flyers. Another three tries before half-time set an impossible task for Croydon.

Half-time: Woking 29 - 7 Croydon

The second half started with another Croydon player leaving the field to make it 14 v 13 and with Woking’s Carl Jacobz at 13 and winger Charlie Goddard determined not to let Keihlan score all the tries the scene was set for a display of ruthless try scoring around the edges. The Croydon 13 remained determined and spirited but couldn’t help flagging in trying to defend the wings and the Woking pack, who were now recycling well in the middle with Josh Claydon especially proving a handful. Although struggling to defend, Croydon put their effort into attacking and in the last 10 minutes clawed a couple of tries back. 

Sadly it wasn’t enough to prevent a thumping final score for Woking at full time: 79 - 17.

Man of the Match: Keihlan Watson with six tries!