Richard Grady

I started playing mini rugby for the club when I was about 8 years of age in the early 1970s, having moved down from Solihull following a short illustrious spell at Solihull RFC! I loved my mini rugby and the great coaches I had. Then on into the seniors at 18 and on returning from University I soon found myself welcomed back with open arms and elected as 1XV captain and Hon. Treasurer!! Since then we have had magical days at the club but also some sadnesses and setbacks and in so many ways rugby experiences reflect life in the wider sense. But I still do everything I can each week to pull on that Woking RFC jersey, rekindle the feeling it brings and enjoy catching and tackling players less than half my age!! I have some great friends through rugby at Woking RFC, long may it continue.

Sean Beavis

I have played rugby for 25 seasons so far. I have been lucky to have played rugby in South Africa and England. I joined Woking about 6 years ago and was welcomed into a club with players from all over the world.The rugby spirit at Woking RFC transcends national identities and rugby ability. Every man has his place at this great club. You get the chance to be a coach, mentor, match winner and most importantly, a student of the game. I have enjoyed my rugby more at WRFC than any other time in my life.

Matthew Brennan

I first heard of the club after moving to the area in 2007. However frequently going back to Wales on weekends and old injuries put me off coming down to the club. After becoming single again I had no reason to travel back so frequently and eventually thought it was time to give rugby a go again and got in touch with Dicky and Kev. From the first email sent, I was made to feel welcome and wanted at the club, something that does often not happen at many clubs around the country. I’m in my 4th season playing for the club now and I can’t imagine playing for anybody else. It becomes addictive in that if you do miss training or a game you really feel like you’ve missed out on something important/fun. I hope to keep contributing to the club as they have given me a lot.

Phil Robertson

In 2009 after my move to Surrey from the Welsh valleys and a through search for the right club, I joined WRFC. I was made welcome immediately and now feel part of the Clubs family. The rugby here is competitive with a promising future. The club also have regular social events to keep you occupied off the field (which also keep the WAGS happy!).

Gary Raife

I joined Woking Rugby Club at the beginning of the 2009/10 season. I had been previously living in Nottingham and had moved down to the Woking area for Work. At that point I hadn’t played rugby since 2004, however thanks to WRFC my skills and fitness have improved ten fold, I dont let a week go by without training or playing a match. Theres always live bands and music down at the club and to top it off the beer is cheap and well poured.