Woking to participate in Ready4Rugby Tournament

Make yourselves available, it's time to play some rugby!

Woking to participate in Ready4Rugby Tournament

Starting on Saturday 24th October, Woking RFC will be taking part in a Ready4Rugby tournament with three other Surrey 4 clubs.

The tournament will take place over four Saturdays in October and November, with two finals to be played in December.

The clubs taking part in the tournament are as follows:

  • Haslemere
  • Racal Decca
  • Reigate
  • Woking

Each club will field two squads of 10 (A & B), playing 7s.

Each weekend, all the clubs travel to the hosts’ ground, and play 10 minutes of rugby against each other – the plan is to have 30 minutes of rugby each weekend

The A and B scores are combined to produce the full score, for example:

Woking Team A wins 30-15 and Team B loses 10-20, the combined score is 40-35, and a Woking win.

The dates and hosts of the first four weekends are as follows:

  • 24th October @ Haslemere
  • 31st October @ Reigate
  • 14th November @ Racal Decca
  • 21st November @ Woking

The full fixtures list will be made available at a later date

All players will need to be at the hosts’ ground, changed and ready to play by 13:00 each week

Once the four weekends above have been played, there will be two finals on December 5th and 12th

What should you do?

Note the dates and make yourself available, get down to training (19:00 @ Byfleet Rec, every Tuesday) and see James Plowright, and respond to Callum that you’re available

If you have any questions, please ask Mick or James

Updated October 21 2020:
Order of fixtures has changed, Racal Decca & Haslemere have swapped, Haslemere is now hosting on October 24th and Racal Decca are hosting on November 14th.

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30 March 2021

Following relaxation of the lockdown rules Woking Rugby Club is now able to return to training.

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20 March 2021

In 2019 Woking RFC lost a club legend in Richard Grady. To mark his passing the club has submitted a dedication in memory of Dicky to the RFU.

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12 December 2020

Anyone who has been involved with Woking RFC knows that we are the friendliest club in Surrey and have always enjoyed playing and training for rugby together. We have the use of two superb pitches at Byfleet Rec, which on a Saturday yield moments of sporting glory. These typically grow even more heroic as the evenings wear on and have given us all some fantastic memories over the years.